REVIEW | Heavy Rain [PS3]

by Kane R-W

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FEATURE | Can there ever be a “greatest game?”

by Andrew W.III

What do you consider the greatest game of all-time? Continue reading

FEATURE | SHMUPs: Welcome to The Curtain of Bullets

by Aljosa K.

SHMUPs are one of the oldest video game genres in existence. It’s true. Even before games like Ultima and Wizardy – shooters preceded them all. Continue reading

REVIEW | Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing [X360]

by Sean Evans

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ARTICLE | Move it or Lose it

by Gil A.

I’m with that group of people who loves their goddamn Wii. Continue reading

FEATURE | Mega Man 10: Mega Easy

by Vincent K.

No, no, I’m not gonna make that joke. It’s too obvious, even for me, and Penny Arcade’s done it before. And Capcom, right at the beginning of the game. Continue reading

FEATURE | Stupid Things We Say That Nintendon’t

by Brett B.

Consoles are toys, it matters not which one you talk about.  Toys are about having fun and computer games are fun.  So why shouldn’t we have fun?   Continue reading