FEATURE | Top 10 Game Villains of All Time

by Eric Buck

Potential spoilers ahead!

Believe it or not, this was an extremely difficult list to make. The amount of villains in the world of videogames is enormous, and when I finally managed to get a list of ten, super good (or bad?) villains, putting them into ten places was yet another challange.

Eventually, though, I managed to do it and here is what I came up with. Also note that these are not nesecarilly the best boss battles, simply the scariest, deepest villains that world of gaming has come up with.

[10] The Ghost Men (Pac-Man)

As I’m sure you remember, Pac-Man was a game where you would “run” around, collecting tasty yellow dots while ghost men chased you. These ghosts were relentless. They never ceased chasing you, and never grew tired. Their only fear was the dreaded large yellow dot, which temporarily transformed them into edible ghosts! Although they weren’t the smartest bunch, they made up for it with numbers and a lot of heart, spirit and a good attitude.

[9] The Queen (Gears of War 1-2)

Anybody who has played Gears (and who hasn’t?) knows what I’m talking about here. The end of the first game left you moist and wanting for more information about this “Queen of the Locust” they talked about. After leaving you hanging for about a year and a half or so Epic Game’s actually let you pump some lead into this Queen. She escaped, although she is still shrouded in a fog of mystery.

[8] The Joker (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

I don’t know if anyone else felt this, but I always got the feeling that the Joker was always just some skitzo guy with some make up on, and I never really realised what all the fuss was about.  Playing Arkham Asylum made me see The Joker in a completely new light.

He’s cunning, delusional and defineteley a scary guy. The game shows how nuts the Joker really is, and it helped me realize that Batman wasn’t just joking around about this whole “Joker” thing.

[7] Zeus (God of War II)

Of course, Kratos is a bad-ass, but Zeus is arguabley just as bad-ass as him, if not more. If I made a bad-ass villain list, Zeus would be #1. Kratos, unbeatable, powerful Kratos, gets his ass kicked by Zeus. Not only does he have an awesome, long ass white beard that would make Jesus jealous and a “George Clooney” handsome devil look going on, he’s also a God. No, he’s a God of God’s. Who shoots lightning from his hands. Need I say more?

[6] Gary Oak (Pokémon)

I’m sure we all remember Gary from Pokemon, or at least someone who represents Gary in a Pokemon game. The annoying music whenever he appears, his annoying catch phrases and his pokemon automatically matching up to kick ass against yours are all things that define the awesome villain that is Gary. Gary was a stepping stone for all future, arrogant, snob-like villains. Smell ya later!

[5] Albert Wesker (Resident Evil series)

Albert Wesker, as a child, was born with surperiour intellectual genes. His one goal was to pretty much destroy the human race, for his own benefit. Wesker is smart, cunning and he can do bad-ass, matrix style moves. Wesker dresses himself in a long, black overcoat and cool shades to come off as a super smooth villain, and he pulls it off well.

He is a main member of the Umbrella Chronicles, although he also partakes in many other activities involving taking over the world and gaining power. He’s also currently dead… we think.

[4] Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid series)

Liquid, from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, has been around just as long as Solid Snake, and since then, he’s aged rather well, at least compared to his twin brother, Solid. Liquid Snake is just as much of a super soldier as his brother. In fact, Liquid Snake (or Liquid Ocelot now) is such a sinister villain, he came back from the dead.

He got killed from some sort of “incedent” involving Moses or something and then he came back. Please note that the MGS storyline seriously confuses me and this information may not be 100% right, nonetheless, Liquid is still a very intimidating bad guy.

[3] Kessler/Yourself (inFAMOUS)

On the outside, Kessler seems sort of like your every day videogame villain, crazed, deep-voiced, face half covered by a hood etc. etc. But as you delve deeper into InFamous, and learn more about him, you find out all sorts of crazy things. The main thing being that he is you, from the future, and he is trying to… kill you?

So eventually you beat yourself up, strangle yourself to get information out of yourself and figure out that indirectly you were just trying to save yourself… just go play Infamous.

[2] Adolf Hitler (Bionic Commando, Wolfenstein 3-D, and countless other games)

Hitler was a terrible, terrible person, and in real life he may have caused some pretty bad stuff, but for the world of videogames he provided us with an evil, short-tempered man for us to pick fun at. Adolf Hitler has appeared in countless games, such as Wolfenstein 3-D and Bionic Commando where he was made fun of, and other more serious games like Medal of Honour, where they took a more realistic approach.

Hitler was so dark in real life, most games take a more comical approach, which makes him hilarious in most everything he appears in. Anyways, any villain who’s appeared in over 20 games deserves to be on this list.

[1] Bowser (Mario franchise)

I’m sure this was anticipated by most of you and, although some of you may think Bowser doesn’t deserve this, whether you think he’s too generic or feel like he’s just stuck in, I think Bowser is a perfect #1 candadit for this list. Bowser is a villain that’s been around for years, and we’ve all come to know him well. Over the years Bowser has made somewhat of a reputation for himself, and Nintendo just keeps building on that reputation.

He’s incorporated as a guy who pretty much just wants everything for himself, and wants to beat Mario in any way possible while getting it. Bowser is a villain we can laugh at, and also fear. Of all the bad guys in videogames, the King Koopa is by far the most experienced and well rounded. All hail King Bowser!


    • Martin
    • March 11th, 2010

    I agree with Zeus, but I think Ares would be a better villain for the God of War series than Zeus. Zeus thought he was protecting himself from Kratos (probably the right decision to be honest), but Areas was power hungry and a much better villain.

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