FEATURE | Stupid Things We Say That Nintendon’t

by Brett B.

Consoles are toys, it matters not which one you talk about.  Toys are about having fun and computer games are fun.  So why shouldn’t we have fun?  Why shouldn’t we laugh at the most ridiculous thing?  Why shouldn’t we take every opportunity to make it even more fun, no matter how puerile or juvenile it may appear?

So to do my part, and being reminded off the dumb stuff I am inclined to do by a thread on Animal Crossing, I present to you what makes me giggle, like a kid many years below my advanced years.  Animal Crossing Wii gives you the opportunity to take in-game shots and store them on an SD card, and residents in the town are always asking you to change the expressions they use.

Within the limitations of the language filter (censor – creative use of vowels helps), I have tried to make my residents the silliest potty mouths I could.  These are some of them:

So, there you are.  My lack of maturity for all to see.  We have competitions to see who can come up with the most ridiculous dialogue in our games.

I want all gamers to repeat after me:

I may grow old, but I will never grow up.

Are you with me?

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