ARTICLE | Move it or Lose it

by Gil A.

I’m with that group of people who loves their goddamn Wii. One of the reasons I and people as awesome as I am love the Wii is its controls. Not everyone likes the waggle, but I warmed up to the Wii Remote very quickly. Sure it has its flaws, but motion controls fit perfectly well with many games. And as we all know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… there will be a ton of flattery going around soon. Microsoft has its Natal scheme, an anti-controller device which forces you to look like you’re using a gigantic invisible iPhone. But fuck Natal for the moment, Sony has the edge this week with PlayStation Move.

The orb on a stick was reintroduced alongside its Nunchukish friend, the “sub-controller.” Sexy name. For those who saw Sony’s E3 extravaganza, we got a glimpse of what Sony wants to do with motion controls. They want to take the Wii formula, tweak it, add a camera, and BAM! Soccer moms will have some interest in Blu-Ray. That’s fine and all, but the games Sony showed off are blatant ripoffs of the more successful Wii games.

Four great tastes that taste great with a wand.

Just look at Sports Champions. That’s Wii Sports Resort. In HD. With absolutely no personality. Nintendo found a way to give Wii Sports some character utilizing the Mii support and giving the game its own style, albeit a simple style. Sports Champions found a way to look even more generic than Wii Sports! And Move Party better be a working title because that’s just asking for trouble. Minigames… we’ve seen them come out for the Wii by the hundreds.  Where Move grooved was in its established titles and core games. SOCOM 4 with Move support could actually be pretty cool and LittleBigPlanet would fit right in with what the Move is about.

Sony might be trying to chip away at Nintendo’s market, but maybe the way to do it is to go in a different direction with motion controls. Imagine Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, or a new Ratchet & Clank with Move support. Sony has a large cache of established franchises. Give those games Move support and watch those controllers fly off the shelves.  So to summarize, I have mixed feelings about the direction Sony is going with Move. Copying Nintendo will not be enough because the current PS3 userbase is not all that interested in minigames. Do the SOCOM 4 thing and LittleBigPlanet updates, but no Wii Sports HD.

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