FEATURE | Top 10 Game Villains of All Time

by Eric Buck

Potential spoilers ahead!

Believe it or not, this was an extremely difficult list to make. Continue reading


ARTICLE | iPhone Fantasy

by David Meek

There have been many transformations in the way we game over the past few years. The portable market is no exception. Continue reading

REVIEW | Ragnarok DS [Nintendo DS]

by Tom Mars

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FEATURE | David’s Inferno (Dante’s Inferno)

by David Meek

I don’t think of myself as a raging monster when it comes to gaming. I would say that when I get annoyed, I just put the controller down and walk away. Continue reading

FEATURE | Desperately Struggling (No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle)

by Vincent K.

Finally, it is over. Without spoiling anything, the final boss of this game is brutal. BRUTAL. He’s the type of boss you fight so much that you start memorizing lines of the script. Continue reading

FEATURE | Rapturous Verbatim: Defending BioShock 2

by Sean Evans

After a good dozen-or-so hours of intense face-drilling and constant DNA abuse, my second journey through the annals of Andrew Ryan’s dilapidated Rapture has finally come to a conclusion. Continue reading

REVIEW | Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter [XBLA]

by Sean Evans

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